The electronic sign downtown has been fixed and is working now. There was a surge in the electric which caused the computer inside of the sign to be damaged. But thanks to Dragonfly Signs (the sign manufacture) and Neon Exposure, the sign is in working order.


There are a lot of various events happening around the town this time of year so feel free to check them out. Head over to the calendar tab of the website and see all of the events.


If you have any events that you'd like to add to the calendar just let us know and we can add them.

The holidays are upon us and things are going to get busy. Look on our Calendar to get more details of the events. (Events will be added to the calendar when the details are available) Speaking about the calendar, if you have any events that you'd like to the public to know about just let us know and we can add them to the calendar. We are working on getting many of the organizations around town to use the calendar so everyone can plan events or plan to attend the events easier. Below you'll find a small list of activities/events that will be happening in the near future.



Tree Lighting

The Parade

A Christmas Light up Contest

Toys for Tots

Small Business Saturday

Holiday paintings on the windows downtown.

Halloween Events
Saturday October 28TH

Halloween Parade: Starting at 3pm at the Ambulance Building


Trick or Treat: Begins right after the Parade and ends at 5pm


Trunk or Treat: Begins right after the Parade and ends at 5pm


Halloween Dance: From 5pm - 7pm and this year it will be at the Fire Hall.

Entry fee will be a non-perishable food item which will be donated to the Jeff Tech Backpack Program.

Look on the Calendar Tab for a calendar of more events
National PTA Free Training (click to view the PDF)

     The winners of the Reynoldsville Red, White and Blueberry Festival Photo Contest, sponsored by Reynoldsville S&T Bank are shown below.


First Place goes to Chantel Eliason with an essay answering the question:


"What does the Red, White and Blueberry Festival mean to me?"


It means going back home, no matter how far away you've been. It's memories of growing up in Reynoldsville and watching the town grow into what it is today. It's 'home' regardless of where you may reside now. It's going back to the town you grew up in and seeing all your friends and family. Where everyone knows everyone and you're practically family. To me, it means Reynoldsville will ways be my home. Because after all, home is where your heart is."

Second and Third Place go to Christa August, respectively,

with "Picking a Single Blueberry" and "Fireworks"

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